Schweizerische Südostbahn AG

The Schweizerische Südostbahn AG (SOB) is an independent, integrated railway company managed according to private-sector criteria, which includes all the areas that a public transport company needs. As an integrated railway company, SOB has all the divisions that a public transport company needs. The SOB therefore carries out all services related to our offer itself. As an active provider of regional passenger transport and long-distance services, SOB operates in German-speaking and southern Switzerland and employs around 850 people. In recent years, SOB has optimised its operational processes, expanded its range of services and invested increasingly in infrastructure, safety and rolling stock. In 2021, SOB trains transported 17 million passengers and covered 9.2 million kilometres. If all the kilometres travelled by passengers on the SOB were added up, the total would be 466,100,118 passenger kilometres.  Artificial structures account for an eighth of the total SOB rail network of 123 kilometres: 192 bridges span a total of 6 kilometres of abyss, 19 tunnels cross 7.1 kilometres of mountains. With a maximum gradient of 50 per thousand between Lake Zurich, Biberbrugg and Arth-Goldau, the SOB is a mountain-and-valley railway.

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