Gm 3/3

For shunting work

For the heavy shunting service in Realp as well as for construction logistics trips in the Furka summit tunnel, the DFB is dependent on a powerful and reliable adhesion diesel locomotive. Until now, the Gm 4/4 71 "Elch" was used for this purpose. In 2021, the DFB was able to take over the three Gm 3/3 231, 232 and 233 no longer used by the Rhaetian Railway. On 28 December 2021, the Gm 3/3 231 was released for operation. In the meantime, work has begun on bringing the Gm 3/3 233 back into service. With two locomotives ready for operation, the diesel crew will be able to flexibly cover the traction needs on the adhesion sections without a rack. The Gm 3/3 232 will remain out of service until further notice.

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