Furka Cogwheel Steam Railway Foundation
Furka Cogwheel Steam Railway Foundation

Since August 12th 2010, nostalgic trains pulled by cogwheel steam locomotives have once again been running on the historic Furka mountain line from Realp to Oberwald passing the Rhone Glacier. This was certainly a milestone in the history of this unique endeavour.

Even though the entire route to Oberwald is now open to traffic, the infrastructure still needs to be upgraded and the maintenance of the rebuilt sections requires high expenditure. Considerable funds also need to be invested in the locomotives and carriages.

The preservation and operation of this unique railway line is carried out by both committed and technically competent railway enthusiasts in countless hours of voluntary work. In addition, however, considerable financial resources are required, which cannot be raised solely through the proceeds of the tickets and the contributions of the Friends' Association. In order to preserve the Furka mountain line as a cultural asset of national interest and importance, the Furka Mountain Line Foundation wants to raise the necessary funds and make them available to the steam railway for its construction.

The foundation is a non-profit organisation and does not pursue any profit-making purposes; it is tax-exempt. The foundation is based in Oberwald. The foundation is managed by a board of trustees.