Friends of the locomotives of the Furka Cogwheel Steam Railway

Friends of the Furka Cogwheel Steam Locomotives

The snorting steam locomotives thrill young and old on the Furka Cogwheel Steam Railway. In order to ensure this continues in the future, the tax-exempt association Friends of the Furka Cogwheel Steam Locomotives was founded in 2017. The Friends of the Furka Cogwheel Steam Locomotives have set themselves the goal of covering as much of the costs incurred as possible through membership fees and donations.

The workshop in Realp is equipped for R1 and R2 overhauls (work to ensure safety and operational reliability). Neither the infrastructure nor the human resources allow for main overhauls R3 (complete disassembly of the locomotive and replacement or repair of necessary components over several years).

In order to ensure the operational readiness of the steam locomotive fleet on the Furka mountain line for the future, these should be carried out in the current steam locomotive workshop. This will also ensure that expertise that can no longer be learnt in the private sector is passed on to the "next generation". Without this knowledge of the all-volunteer, mostly retired specialists, there would be no steam operation on the Furka mountain line.