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On the basis of the common guiding concept, developed for all three organizations, the association has further developed and refined this for its interests. This takes account of the specific tasks, requirements and needs of the association within the overall organization, and more precisely defines the statements in the mission statement.


Together with the company and the foundation, we form the group Furka-mountain line. We want to make our contribution so that the cultural heritage Furka-mountain line represents an exclusive tourist attraction in the middle of the Swiss Alps on the Furka.

We want to contribute to the economic development of the Gotthard regions, particularly the Urseren Valley and the Goms.

We want to inspire people of different origins and age levels from the Furka mountain range, so they can join us and help to ensure the preservation and operation of our nostalgia train for future generations.


We are grateful to our pioneers, who, contrary to all resistance and perseverance, have achieved the re-operation of the Furka mountain line, saved the cultural assets and thus wrote history.

We consist of sections in Switzerland and abroad and the Central Board. We form a large network of people who support the Furka mountain line with voluntary work, with natural resources and their membership contributions as well as donations. The co-operation of these people towards a common goal is our core competency.

We offer our members a community of like-minded people who are interested in maintaining the Furka mountain line.

We offer the interested members the opportunity to actively contribute their abilities to the cultural heritage Furka-mountain line.

We maintain contact with other organizations with similar objectives.

Main points

We maintain a participatory style of leadership within the association and cooperate with the other organizations of the Furka-mountain line group.

We set our goals together and check them on an annual basis and adjust them if necessary.

We consider the care of our strategic partners as a management task.


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