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pictures of the overhaul R3 of coach AB 4462

pictures of the overhaul of coach ABD 4554

pictures of the overhaul of coach B 4233

  • Pictures of the overhaul of coach B 4233 from the reception in autumn 2010 until the transport back of the coach in July 2013

     Pictures part 1

    Reception, inspection, overaul of the main structure, overhaul and production of components and groups, overhaul of the bogies

    Pictures part 2

    Roof, steam heating, expose of the frame, overhaul of the frame, Interior reconstruction of the body, outer lining, finished coach, rollout, transport to realp

    Project description

Pictures of the overhaul of the twins coaches B 2206 and B 2210

  • Development of the twins from the reception of the frames at the coach workshop  until the delivery to the DFB.

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