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locomotive lanterns for the Furka steam railway, historic railways and individuals


    Lanterns serie 10 finished, serie 11 in production

    Always a little bit in the background, but the production of lanterns for steam locomotives, also for our locomotives, is ongoing.  Roland Müller, Hans Müller, Beat Stirnemann, Max Oppikofer and Werner Beer as members of the lantern team have specialized in the specific techniques of lanterns  manufacturing. High precision and e.g. the welding of thin sheets requires special attention. The front rings made of brass and the hunts made of copper are metal parts made from our own production. They want to bribe with a perfect shine.

    In the autumn of 2016 we could deliver the first pieces of the 11th lantern series with the numbers 201 ff. to various enthusiastic individual customers.

    Lanterns for historic railways and individuals

    Die Loklampen eignen sich als besonderes Geschenk für Eisenbahnfans und können bei der Wagenwerkstatt Aarau bestellt werden.

    The origin of the lanterns construction dates back to 1988, when lanterns were urgently needed for the locomotive "Weisshorn" . No lantern could be obtained on the market at an reasonable price. There were also no lanterns on the locomotives coming back from Vietnam. Volunteers of the coach workshop Aarau constructed the present model, which can be produced with our own means.

    These lanterns represent a special gift for railway fans and can be ordered at the coach workshop in Aarau.

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    Over the years, we have been able to supply a number of lanterns to railway companies where they are used on the historic locomotives:


       Year    Railway company / Locom.peaces
    1989DFB Steam railway Furka-mountain line, Lok 65
    1991SLM Schweizer Lokomotiv- und Maschinenfabrik
    Endkunde unbekannt
    1991DFB Steam railway Furka-mountain line2
    1991SLM Schweizer Lokomotiv- und Maschinenfabrik
    Schafbergbahn (Austria)
    1992Oswald Steam6
    1992MOB Montreux-Oberland-RailwayBahn7
    1994DFB Steam railway2
    1996 CFV Chemin de fer du Vivarais (France)3
    1995SLM Schweizer Lokomotiv- und Maschinenfabrik
    BRB Brienz Rothorn Bahn
    2004Verein AG2 (Ausführung Petrolimitation)4
    2007RhB Rhätische Bahn, Lok 116
    2010Monte Generoso Bahn1
    2012ZMB Zürcher Museumsbahn, Loks 5 und 66


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