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Since 12th August 2010 nostalgic steam trains are running again over the historical Furka mountain line between Realp and Oberwald, along the valley of the glacier of the Rhone. This date was certainly a milestone in the history of this unique railway company.

Although now the whole line between Realp and Oberwald is now practicable, the infrastructure  must be continuously expanded and the maintenance of the reopened line is expensive. Furthermore the rolling stock needs important financial means. Preserve and operation of this unique railway line is done both by motivated and competent specialists and friends of the railway during many voluntary hours. In addition important financial means are needed which cannot be covered by the tickets gain and the contributions of the association.

To preserve the Furka mountain line as a natural treasure and importance, the foundation Furka mountain line tries to obtain the necessary funds for the operation of the steam railway.

The foundation has charitable character and has not any commercial purpose. It is exempt from taxes.  The place of business is Oberwald. 

The foundation is managed by a foundation council. The members of the foundation council with details are mentioned under "contact".

Donates  for the Foundation now also possible with PayPal.


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