History of the coach workshop Aarau

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    The history of the coach workshop Aarau

    The idea for the founding of a workshop in Aarau came in 1994, when after the opening of the mountain line to the station Furka, there was a luck of passenger coaches. In the years before, the workshop in Goldau was mainly responsible for the construction of rolling stock. But also  in Berne, Oensingen and Liestal volunteers were working on passenger coaches. As the Aargau section did not have its own workshop, some of the members were particularly active in the Goldau workshop. 

    Mission as emergency aids

    In order to complete two observation cars in time for the opening of the season in 1994, the Aargau section decided to take over tasks for the completion of the bench seats - and for this a workshop could be rented for interestinmg conditions from the firm Aeschbach at  the Industriestrasse. It was a small area, which we had rented for our purposes and we fabricated there:

    • Benches for the C 2351 and C 2352 observation cars
    • Signboards
    • Barrier drives
    • Switch components
    • Stakes
    • Switch pointer
    • The Integra table for the safety installation of the Furka vertex tunnel
    • Sleeping container for the train crews in Realp and
    • Locomotives lamps for the Weisshorn locomotive.


    1998 first overhaul of a passenger coach

    With the four-axle passenger coach overhaul ABD 4554 ex SBB Brünig BC 454 the coach workshop of Aarau  took over the for the first time an overall overhaul of a coach body after the frame of the coach had been adapted in the Goldau workshop to the FO / DFB standards. In the course of this work the rented workshop area had grown steadily and with the delivery of the ABD 4554 we were rightly called "coach workshop".

    Overhaul incl. frame

    It followed the overhaul of the coaches B 4253 and B 2204, which were already prepared by the section of Berne at Deisswil workshop. The coach B 4229 was the first coach which was entirely overhauled, incl. the  frame, from 2001 to 2003 by the Aarau workshop. So the  Aarau workshop had demonstrated its competence and workshop at Chur concentrated on the overhaul of the steam locomotives. Aarau is since then the coach workshop.

    Break due to the move of the workshop

    Due to a new construction in the  old industry area, the workshop at the Industriestrasse had to move. Fortunately we got from the city of  Aarau  the locals of the old slaughterhouse at the Rohrerstreet at interesting rent. Condition was that the section of Aargau takes over all costs of modifications of the place.  This work took about two years, during which the coach construction was abandoned. In 2008, the move was completed and the ABD 4558 coach was  the first overhauled coach in the new workshop which left in 2009 the workshop for the Furka mountain line.

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