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Tractive stock of the DFB

For the steam traction, the DFB has several furbished historic steam locomotives. Actually vehiclesof the former Visp-Zermatt Railway (VZ) and the former Furka-Oberalp Railway (FO) are running.

Two locomotives of the type HG4/4, which were at that time delivered directly to Vietnam are now overhauled in the workshop of Chur and adapted to the standards of the DFB. They will be the strongest steam engines of the DFB.

The DFB has furthermore several diesel locomotives, destined for the track maintenance, for pushing service, fir fighting trains and service train.

During summer season the DFB hires a diesel locomotive HGm4/4 and from the Matterhorn-Gotthard railway MGB), destined for the additional trains between Oberwald-Gletsch and for emergency service.

For the purposes of preserving historically valuable vehicles, the DFB has taken over the steam rotary snow-plough R12 (ex. RhB). This vehicle is restored in Goldau.

The DFB could overtake from the MGB railway two  important types of vehicles: A locomotive HGe 4/4' (N° 16 ex VZZ, which was the prototype of the FO locomotives, and the last existing railcar BDeh 2/4 no 41.

For an overview of all DFB vehicles please refer to our rolling stock list.



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