Snow removal 09

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  • In spring 2009 the DFB snow removal group had a difficult task, as the Steffenbach valley was filled with a 10m high snow avalanche. To allow the lifting up of the centre part of the bridge, it was necessary to dig a trench in the hard avalanche snow. With a lot of manual power, chain saws, snow shovels, enthusiasm and additional man power. Within 2 weeks the necessary trench was finished end it was possible to lift the centre part of the bridge.

  • The snow removal in the Steffenbach valley starts the 12th May 2009. The first layer is removed. Now the 10m thick hard pressed snow has to be attacked. 

  • With chain saws hard snow blocks were cut and removed with the snow shovels.


    In the middle of the picture you can detect the shaft which was melted with water of the creek. 

  • During some moments we felt as former Egyptians building pyramids (but in the reverse direction).

  • The end of the centre part of the bridge is now free. Still missing is the radius in the snow to allow the lifting of the centre part of the bridge.

  • View of the shaft at the start of the melting works.

  • 24.5.2009 Bridge assembly and end of the painful snow removal of the Steffenbach valley.


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