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Preparation works:

  • First the cable winds are are taken out of the storage local and fixed at the uphill track. Then the cables are rolled off and looped into the tackles.

  • At the end of the upper part of the bridge a crane bock is fixed, carrying the tackles for the lowering of the middle part of the bridge. For this operation the crane wagon is needed.

  • The cables are looped and under the bridge the screws of the middle part are dissolved.

  • To guarantee safe working conditions for the bridge crew, the steep path crossing the Steffenbach valley must be continuously maintained.


Folding down of the center part

  • Disassembling starts: The center part of the bridge is slowly lowered.

Winter position of the upper part of the bridge

  • The weather for the dis assembly is not always good. It can be wet, cold, windy or it can snow.

Move back of the lower part of the bridge


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