rollout of the passenger coach AB 4453 and transport to Realp

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  • After two years of overhaul like new

    The AB 4453 was since July 2016 to the overhaul R3 in the car workshop Aarau. During 16 years on the mountain line, it was exposed year-round to the influence of the rough mountain weather. In addition to the usual signs of wear, this was mainly due to the load-bearing wood structure: Some window posts and a floor joist had to be used with new healthy wood to give them the required stability.

    In order to do a good job, all dismountable parts of the car were removed, checked and reworked, partly also rebuilt. redesign the interior walls and let the car appear fresh from the factory. The bogies were revised in Realp.


    During the winter  2017 - 2018 in Aarau

    The overhaul was largely completed in autumn 2017. Although it was very tight in the car workshop (in addition to the AB 4453 the B 2503 and the B 4231 were in work), we kept the AB 4453 in the workshop so as not to expose it unnecessarily to the winter weather. This gave us the opportunity to do the remaining theses in peace and to look forward to the finished car.

    For the season 2018 againon the mountain line

    On Friday, June 1, 2018, the big  loader from Baumann, Lenzburg, drove cautiously backwards into the car workshop to load the AB 4453 for transport to Realp. With the hall crane, the car floated from its location onto the loading area, was positioned to the centimeter and set down. Heavy chains and load belts secured the solid seat of the valuable cargo to bring them safely on the journey into the mountains. In order to keep the permissible transport height, the roof ventilators were stowed in the car and later put on in Realp.


    "Car-baptism" by revealing the overhaul date

    After fixing the car, the low loader pulled onto the forecourt. After a short speech by workshop manager Werner Beer, the well-deserved workshop colleagues Franz Petermann and Leo Müller revealed the overhaul data on the left and right of the chassis as a kind of godfather. Thus, the AB 4453 was ready to drive to Realp and start for running. For the present workshop members and visitors  a fine aperitif was offered for the celebration of the day.


    Start at 6.00h a.m.

    On Saturday morning, the transport set in motion and attracted much attention with its extraordinary freight on his journey to south and the mountains. As always, the ride up the Schöllenen Gorge with its narrow bends was especially spectacular. The unloading in the "domestic" Realp on the bogies there revised smoothly, so that the AB 4453 was already on the tracks of the DFB before noon.


    Thanks to all who made this overhaul possible

    We would like to sincerely thank everyone here, the staff of car workshop Aarau, the sponsors of the money, materials and services that contributed to this overhaul. They have made it possible for the DFB to be provided with a new car without any financial burden.

    More pictures and documents

    Rollout AB 4453
    Transport AB 4453
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