Overhaul December 2017

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Impressions December 2017

 After the majority of the piping had been adapted and installed at No. 704 in autumn 2017, the locomotive was dismantled as far as necessary. This is necessary for boiler insulation and painting. At the beginning of December, the first parts could be sandblasted by an external company. In the new year, we will start the final assembly with great enthusiasm,  there is still a lot of work to do.

The rollout and the transport to the Furka is planned for early summer 2018. The provisional operating license was applied for at the FOT. From this summer one should be able to admire Europe's strongest narrow gauge cog steam locomotive for setting and control runs. Trips for public are expected to be possible in 2019 only.

The following pictures give a view about the dismantling works from  September to December 2017.


  • Stamm Zürich
  • HV Schwaben
  • Werbeauftritt die50plus
  • GV Sektion Aargau
  • HV 2021 Sektion Ostschweiz
  • Versammlung Rh-M
  • Nürnberg: ***verschoben***Eise
  • Nürnberg: Eisenba
  • Treffen in Ulm
  • VFB-NWCH Frühlingsausflug
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  • Nürnberg:***entfällt*** Bauwo
  • Stammtisch Rh-M
  • Treberwurstessen
  • Mitgliederversammlung
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