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Here we report about  the progress of the work on the coach shed Realp project. We limit ourselves to the main activities and milestones.

4th July 2016

Approval of the plan proposal (issuance of the building permit) by the Federal Office of Transport FOT

18th August 2017

Decision about where the shed will be built by the Board of Directors of DFB AG in favor of Realp

25th April 2018

Issuance of construction by the Board of Directors of DFB AG

25th May 2018

All  contracts signed.

 July 2018

Removal of 770 m3 of humus and approx. 2000 m3 excavation to the construction site of the Realp II Geren power station. This corresponds to about 1/3 of the excavation for the shed and is financed by the the power station.


July 2018

Elongation of the culvert for Stockentalbach in preparation for the adaptation of Schweigstrasse in autumn.

The creek bed in front of the passage through the street is widened, the profile is concreted and covered.


 14th July 12018 Information panels at the construction site

Erection of information panels and flyer-boxes equipped with three-language-flyers along the construction site for information of passengers of the steam railway and of passers-by about the project of the car-shed and to invite them to support it.


September/October 2018 Excavation and level correction of the road

At the beginning of September, excavation work was carried out according to plan. Part of the material was deposited in the field above the excavation site. This is to be used later for backfilling the carriage shed and for the renaturation of the site. The remaining material was taken away to the dump in Zumdorf.

In the course of the work, cables belonging to the military which were buried on the site of the future shed, were also removed. That corner of the excavation on the Realp side, close to the road to the Furka pass, was secured with lean concrete and the remaining slopes were covered with plastic sheeting to prevent erosion.

The area for future parking spaces alongside the shed was excavated and backfilled with frost-proof material.

Parallel to the excavation works, a point over which the carriages will be moved from the railway station to the shed was installed.

Following excavation, the level of the Schweigstrasse was raised where the track to the carriage shed will cross. The road will be asphalted in spring 2019 after the railway tracks have been installed. The level of the gulf club’s parking lots will be adapted appropriately.

In the course of the works on the roadway, pipework and manholes for the traffic light installations were installed, as were power and water supplies for the construction site. The required drains and manholes were also installed.

April 2019: Gleisübergang Schweigstrasse und Werkleitungen

Sobald es die Schneelage erlaubte, wurden die Arbeiten für die Remise wieder aufgenommen. Schwerpunkt war die Erstellung des Gleisanschlusses zum DFB-Bahnhof und die Gleisquerung der Schweigstrasse. Im Bereich der Schweigstrasse wurden die Gleise bis zum Einbau des Strassenbelages vorübergehend mit Schotter und Planiematerial eingedeckt.

Ein weiterer Schwerpunkt war die Verlegung von Werkleitungen und die Entwässerung des Gleisfeldes vor der Remise.

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