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Final costs CHF 2.9 Mio

According to the detailed cost estimate based on the project approved by the Swiss Federal Office of Transport (BAV), the following costs are calculate. By requirement of the Board of Directors the safety margin has been increased from 5% to 10% at unchanged cost calculation.

(figures rounded in CHF, click on the picture to enlarge):

 Doubling the time of use of the coaches

The main benefit of the coach shed is the protection of historic passenger coaches, which currently represent an insurance value of approximately CHF 7 million. Thanks to the protected parking of the coaches, the overhaul intervals in the Coach workshop of Aarau will be extended from the current 15 years to about 30 years. This results in savings of around CHF 50'000 a year at the  Aargau association, and capacity gets free for the overhaul of other coaches that are not yet running at the Furka steam railway.

 Improvement of the operating result of DFB Ltd.

Actually, the DFB has considerable costs from transporting the coaches back and forth to a less aggressive winter location at a lower altitude and the external storage of the snow removal and construction machinery. Taking into account the annual operating and maintenance costs of the coach shed, an improvement of approximately CHF 17,000 per annum results in the operating result of DFB Ltd.  In detail is that: (click on the picture to enlarge):

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