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  • Space for all historic passenger coaches and for snow removal and other machines.

    The coach shed Realp is connected to the railway station of the DFB via two tracks crossing the Schweigstrasse. The building is 17.5 m wide and 70 m long, including the space for snow removal and construction machinery. It will offer space for all historic passenger cars on four parallel 60 m long tracks.

    Avalanche-proof by backfilling

    The hall is built in reinforced concrete and is backfilled as an avalanche protection measure  to be able to derive any avalanches over the building. The roof of the shed is humused and grassed.

    Real shed only

    Since it is a pure shed, in which no work is carried out, the installations are limited to the lighting and simple ventilation devices.

    Level crossing Stockental

    The two tracks to the shed over the Schweigstrasse require a railway level crossing facility according to the railway regulations. The facility is equipped with a road traffic control system, similar to that used by the DFB at the crossing the Furka street.

    So that no coaches can escape and due to the given level in the DFB station Realp, the Schweigstrasse has to be raised in the area of the level crossing. In addition, the existing creek passage of the Stockentalbach has to be extended and replacement parking space has to be created for the golf club.

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