Overhaul of HG 4/4 club of the 1000

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Club of 1000 10.06.2017

On the occasion of the GA of the 1000-club of the 10th of June 2017 in the steam train workshop, the workshop team did "disarm" the "No. 704" . The following, uncommented photos show the locomotive in all its splendor in the current overhaul stage. After the completion of all important piping, these and also the boiler are removed again. The boiler is then insulated and metal plated so that the "final assembly" can be tackled.

Already known?
On the parts of the locomotive, the letters D and G can also be found on the right and left of the locomotive number 704. Do you know what these letters stand for? If one is able to speak the French language, one might find the solution faster: D = Droite = Right / G = Gauche = Left. These data were existing earlier and were now adopted 1: 1.



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