Glacier of the Rhone

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The nature experience Glacier of the Rhone

  • Today the glacier of the Rhone is 9km long.
  • An attractive sight

    Exactly 1000 meters is today the smallest distance  between our steam trains and the glacier of the Rhone.   Shortly after the opening in 1926 the figure was 200 meters.

    As the ice tongue of the glacier retracts every year and also decreases in width and thickness, you cannot see the ice mass from the train any more since 2010.

    The glacier still exists! 

    It measures approximately 9 kilometres in length until to the edges of the Dammastock as you can see on the space picture nearby.   The passes Grimsel (G) and Furka (F) are much closer together than the length of the glacier.

    The glacier no longer comes to us, we have to go to him! The easy accessibility of the Rhone Glacier has led in the 19th century to the construction of several hotels and the fascinating alpine junction of Gletsch.

    The Ice grotto in the Rhone glacier is an attraction since 150 years and is carved into the ice every year. Info's here

    A nature trail  in the  plains below the Rhone glacier outside Gletsch shows the typical traces of a glacier and the pioneer plants and the forces of nature in a glacier.

    Info's: Glacier retreat  and  Furka-Hotels (Article "Die Alpen")

More informations about the Glacier of the Rhone here

  • Protection against the sun with cloths
    Glacier hike with a mountain guide
  • Ice grotto: A gallery in the middle of the glacier- ice
    Melting ice at high temperatures


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