Combi Diesel trains and PostBus

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Combi trips between Oberwald und Gletsch

Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 3 July until 27 September 2020


For trips between Oberwald und Gletsch we recommend a combination of nostalgic trains with diesel locomotive and the PostBus. 


Proposal for a schedule Oberwald - Gletsch - Oberwald  (2020)

   PostBus    Diesel train   Diesel train     PostBus     PostBus   Diesel train     PostBus
Oberwald       dp    10.30   11.30   11.30   12.20   12.50   14.50   15.30
Gletsch      arr  10.42   11.52   11.52   12.32   13.02   15.12   15.42
 Diesel trainPostBusPostBusDiesel trainDiesel trainPostBusSteam train
  Gletsch dp13.1512.1514.5013.1513.1516.4516.10
  Oberwald    arr13.3712.3015.0513.3713.3717.0016.35



Proposal for a schedule Gletsch - Oberwald - Gletsch  (2020)

      PostBus    PostBus   Diesel train    Steam train     
   Gletsch    dp   10.05   12.15 13.15   16.10        
   Oberwald    arr10.20   12.30   13.37   16.35         
 Diesel train   Diesel trainPostBusPostBus    
   Oberwald   dp11.3014.5015.3017.04
   Gletsch   arr11.5215.1215.4217.16



Fares 2020

Oberwald - Gletsch or Gletsch - Oberwald

      Per person 2nd class
  1/1-Price  1/2-Price
      Diesel train-ticketSingle trip  CHF19.0019.00
      PostBus-ticketSingle trip  CHF9.004.50

Extra charge for the steam train:  CHF 10.00 per person

1/2-Fare and GA travelcard are not valid in the diesel and steam trains.

 Group ticket for 10 or more people, every 21st person travels free.

Discount for families: Kids and teens from 6 to 16 years old travel free on all days if accompanied by a person of the parents or grandparents (without a guarantee for a seat). This is valid only in 2nd class and on scheduled trains and for max. 4 children per family. Children and teens travelling without an accompanied person must pay 50% of the fare for adults.

 With the Junior travelcard or grandchild travelcard kids and teens from 6 to 16 years travel free also in MBG trains and in the PostBus.


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